Moore School

Extracts from the Headteacher’s Log Book

16.10.39 Trench ready in case of an air raid.  26 gas masks delivered

August ’40 Shelter completed

17.9.40 Several air raids.  Children worked in the shelter.  The electric light was ‘a boon’.

1.11.40 School windows covered in net.  Discussions about how to keep the children warm in the shelter.

1940-41 Many air raids recorded.  Shelter frequently flooded.

27.10.41 School very cold – stove not working. 41F all day.  Mosside car came once this week and not at all last week due to the petrol shortage

22.1.42 Snow drifts so deep that no-one arrived at school

23.11.42 First school dinners served

14.7.44 School raised £200 for ‘Salute the Soldier’ week

8.6.46 Commemoration cards given to the children to celebrate Victory Day