The Home Guard

The Home Guard was an armed British militia that supported the army during WW2.  It was largely manned by those too young or old to join the regular armed forces and also those in reserved occupations.

Its role was to try and slow down the advance of the enemy and also to defend key communications points, factories, airfields and ammunition stores.  Additionally, it was to control the civilian population in the event of an invasion, control road blacks and coastal defences.

We know of these men from the parish who served in the Home Guard, maybe you know of more.

Preston Brook

Stan Green, George Bowden, Bill Bradbury, Harold Cooper, Eddie Dwyer, William Earp, Les Green, Sid Green, Stan Green, W Green, Bob Hill, Jack Jenkins, Frank Johnson, ? Jones, Tom Leech, Frank Lightfoot, W Middleton, Alf Power, Lieutenant Thorne, Tom Tickle

Back Row: George Bowden, Tom Leech, Frank Johnson, ?, Bob Hill, ?, ?, Jack Jenkins, Alf Power, Stan Green

Third Row: ?, ?, ?, Sid Green, Frank Lightfoot, Harold Cooper, ?, ?, Tom Tickle, ?

Second Row: Bill Bradbury, ?, ?, Lieutenant Thorne, ?, ?, Les Green

Front Row: Jones, Bill Green, ?, Eddie Dwyer, ?, ?


Bill Brennan







William Charles Neate Davies, Bill Green