These are the men and women from the parish of Daresbury who served in World War One.  If you think that we have made mistakes in their stories, please let us know.  If you would like any more information about them or have any information you would like to share with us, then please contact us.

Name Village Updated
Douglas Kelsey Scott Adams Daresbury  16.3.2016
Walter Scott Adams Daresbury 18.7.2016
Arthur Antrobus Preston Brook  28.10.2017
Frank Antrobus Moore 21.7.2016
James Antrobus Preston Brook 28.8.2016
John  Antrobus Moore 2.2.2017
Thomas Antrobus Preston Brook  28.10.2017
William Antrobus b1886 Moore 22.2.2017
William Antrobus b1880 Moore 10.12.2016
Edward Astbury Preston Brook 28.8.2016
Frank Asbury Moore 11.7.2016
John Astbury Preston Brook 12.6.2016
Thomas  N  Astbury Preston Brook 12.6.2016
George Ball Hatton 28.8.2016
Joseph Ball Moore 30.11.2016
Ernest Bannister Hatton 28.8.2016
Edward (Ted) Basnett Preston Brook 1.8.2017
Samuel Basnett b1887 Preston Brook 4.8.2017
Samuel Salt Basnett b1876 Preston Brook 4.8.2017
Alfred Wraith Bellamy Daresbury 26.10.2018
Thomas Billington Daresbury 14.3.2017
Thomas Birch Hatton 10.3.2017
Lewis Boaler Preston Brook
William Boaler Preston Brook
James Bodell Moore 10.3.2017
William Stanley Booth Daresbury 14.3.2017
John Bowen Daresbury 14.3.2017
William Bradbury Moore 13.7.2016
Percy Britland Hatton 7.11.2016
John  Wallworth  Broome Preston Brook 28.8.2016
John Buckley Hatton 5.3.2017
George Burgin Hatton 5.12.2016
Joseph Burrow Preston Brook 29.10.2017
John W Cartwright Moore 5.12.2016
Walter J Cartwright Moore 13.7.2016
William Massey Cartwright Moore 11.12.2016
Harry Clare Newton by Daresbury 27.10.16
Victor Joseph Clare Newton by Daresbury 27.10.16
William Clare Newton by Daresbury 12.6.2016
Lewis Clarke Hatton 8.11.2016
Sydney Clarke Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Fred (or James Frederick) Cliffe Hatton 8.11.2016
Percy Cliffe Hatton 8.11.2016
Peter (or John Peter) Cliffe Hatton 8.11.2016
William Henry Cliffe Hatton 1.11.2018
John Cooper Newton by Daresbury 28.10.2017
Arthur Cowap Preston Brook 28.8.2016
Richard Edward Davies Daresbury 26.10.2018
Sydney Davies Hatton 8.11.2016
Wm. Charles Davies Hatton 8.11.2016
Frank Henry de Prez Moore 10.12.2016
William Leonard de Prez Moore 13.7.2016
Fred Dean Hatton 1.2.2017
Dennis Done Hatton 29.11.2016
Thomas Done Hatton 6.8.2017
Thomas Briscoe Dobson Moore 30.11.2016
Stanley Watson Done Hatton 29.11.2016
Joseph Cuthbert Done Keckwick 10.11.2016
Peter Dunbabin Moore 2.2.2017
Alfred Dunbobin  Hatton  1.2.2017
Percy Duncalf Preston Brook 13.3.2017
William J Duncalf Moore 9.11.2016
Harry Dutton Hatton 7.12.2016
John Dutton Moore 3.2.2017
Thomas Henry Dutton Hatton 24.8.2016
Emma Kathleen Earp Preston Brook 20.9.2018
Ethel Mary Earp Preston Brook 20.9.2018
Mabel Harriet Earp Preston Brook 20.9.2018
George Evans Hatton 24.8.2016
Herbert Atkinson Evans Hatton 10.3.2017
John Frederick Evans Hatton 5.3.2017
Fred  Faulkner Preston Brook 13.3.2017
James Faulkner Preston Brook 13.3.2017
John Rowland Fleet Moore 23.2.2017
Walter Fleet Moore 12.12.2016
Albert Forster Moore 12.12.2016
Herbert Forster Moore 14.12.2016
John Condliffe Forster Moore 3.2.2017
Leonard Forster Moore 12.12.2016
Reginald  Forster Moore 14.12.2016
Wilfred Forster Moore 3.2.2017
Alfred Frankland Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Charles Frankland Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Granville Furnival Preston Brook  5.12.2018
William Arthur Gandy Moore 23.2.2017
James Hutchinson Garlick Moore 26.10.2018
William Sydney Garnett Daresbury 16.3.2016
Seth George Hatton 8.11.2016
Dervas Gerrard Keckwick 20.7.2016
James Gerrard Keckwick 20.7.2016
John William Gill Daresbury 15.3.2016
Harry George  Glenister Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Samuel Joseph Glenister Preston Brook 12.6.2016
Alfred Green Hatton 5.12.2016
George Green Hatton 24.8.2016
Robert Green Preston Brook 31.7.2017
William Green Hatton 7.12.2016
William Herbert  Green Hatton 5.12.2016
Jack Eckersley Greenall Moore 4.2.2017
Charles Greenhalgh Keckwick 16.12.16
B Hall Moore 19.12.2016
William Henry Hankey Moore 10.11.2016
Alan Edward Hanson Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Sydney Hawkins Hatton 29.11.2016
Richard Heakin b1870 Keckwick 20.11.2016
Richard Thomas William Heakin (b1894) Keckwick 20.11.2016
Samuel David Heakin Keckwick 4.2.2017
Amos Henshall Preston Brook 12.6.2016
William Albert Henshall Preston Brook 12.6.2016
John Hicks Moore 20.12.2016
Ernest Hodgkinson Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
John Henry Hough Moore 22.2.2017
Alfred Houghton Newton-by-Daresbury  29.11.2017
Frank Houghton Hatton 5.12.2016
James Houghton Hatton 24.8.2016
Tom Houghton Hatton 1.2.2017
Alfred Isherwood Hatton 28.8.2016
Frank  Lionel Jackson Preston Brook 29.11.2017
John Norman Jackson Preston Brook 29.11.2017
John Jameson Preston Brook 17.10.2018
Walter Caleb Jinks Hatton 15.6.2016
George Oliver Johnson Preston Brook 28.10.2017
George William Johnson Moore 13.7.2016
John Johnson Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Samuel Walker Johnson Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Thomas Johnson Preston Brook 29.11.2017
Harry Jones Preston Brook
Leonard Jones Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Luke Jones Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Thomas Jones Preston Brook 31.7.2017
James Kippax Hatton 29.11.2016
John Kippax Hatton 18.12.2016
Benjamin Kitchingman Moore 21.1.2017
Herbert Leach Hatton 8.11.2016
Septimus Leach Hatton 5.12.2016
John Lindsay Lee Jones Daresbury 18.3.2016
James Leyland Hatton 28.8.2016
Frank Sydney Lightfoot Preston Brook 17.3.2017
George William Lightfoot Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Norman Henry Lightfoot Preston Brook 19.8.2017
Harry Littler Newton by Daresbury 28.10.2017
Thomas Littler Newton by Daresbury 31.7.2017
Edward London Moore 18.1.2017
John London? Moore 20.12.2016
Fred Maddock Hatton 7.12.2016
Joshua Meredith Hatton 7.12.2016
George Millington Moore 21.12.2016
John Enoch Stanley Millington Moore 20.11.2016
Gilbert Monks Moore 18.1.2017
William Monks Moore 9.1.2017
George Trevor Mounfield Preston Brook 16.3.2016
John Wilfred Mounfield Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Ellis Norman Preston Brook
Thomas Stanley Norman Preston Brook
Noel Frederick Oulton Moore 9.11.2016
John Thomas Parker Preston Brook 29.11.2017
Edward Frederick Parsons Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Albert Partington Hatton 7.12.2016
John Peter Webb Pennington Preston Brook
Percy Gleave Pennington Preston Brook
Charles Owen Percival Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Arnold Platt Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Henry Platt Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Robert Platt Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Frederick Pollard Preston Brook 1.8.2017
Albert Edward Potts Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Harry Potts Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Donald Hibbert Priestley Preston Brook 25.4.2017
Frank Perrin Priestley Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Lancelot Joseph Priestly Preston Brook 25.4.2017
Joseph Purkiss Moore 12.7.2016
Samuel Ravenscroft Daresbury 18.7.2016
Ernest Edward Ridgway Daresbury 18.7.2016
John Herbert  Ridgway Daresbury 15.3.2016
John William Ridgway Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Samuel Ridgway Preston Brook 12.6.2016
Percy Houghton Roberts Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Claud H  Robertson Moore 10.3.2017
George Robinson Hatton 1.2.2017
John Rogers Keckwick 14.1.2017
Henry Roughsedge Preston Brook  28.10.2017
Peter Scragg Roughsedge Preston Brook  28.10.2017
Sydney Gleave Roughsedge Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Thomas Rutter Hatton 28.8.2016
William Rutter Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Albert Ryder Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
Arthur Gerard Ryder Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
Charles Ryder Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
Frank Ryder Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
James Ryder Preston Brook 12.6.2016
Tom Ryder Newton by Daresbury 6.8.2017
Frank Sanderson Moore 9.1.2017
Levi Sawford Preston Brook 16.3.2016
Ernest Scarlett Moore 23.2.2017
Hannah Gertrude Sloane Moore 9.1.2017
Noel  Sloane Moore 10.1.2017
Harry Smith  Hatton  28.8.2016
Henry Fyge Smith Hatton 19.10.2017
Roger Smith  Hatton  24.8.2016
Thomas Rigby Smith Hatton 24.8.2016
Frank Speed Preston Brook 17.3.2017
Fred Speed Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Joseph Sydney Speed Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Luke Stanley Speed Preston Brook  28.10.2017
Oswald Speed Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Peter James Speed Preston Brook 12.6.2016
Herbert Oswald Spencer Newton by Daresbury  22.2.2017
Septimus Alfred Spencer Newton by Daresbury  22.2.2017
Thomas H Spender Preston Brook 5.9.2017
Fred Spruce Preston Brook 12.3.2017
Harold Spruce Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Albert Cyril Sumner Preston Brook
Arthur Cross Sumner Preston Brook 28.10.2017
John Tanner Moore 21.1.2017
Leslie Tarran Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Henry Taylor Moore 13.7.2017
John  Taylor Newton by Daresbury 31.7.2017
Reuben Taylor Preston Brook 19.8.2017
Samuel Taylor Moore 4.7.2017
Wilfred Taylor Newton by Daresbury 19.8.2017
William Craven Taylor Moore 14.1.2017
James Maddock Thomas Moore 12.1.2017
Oswald Philip Thomas Moore 12.7.2016
Richard Ewart Trevithick Moore 15.1.2017
Bert Tyson Preston Brook 18.12.2017
George Henry Warburton Preston Brook 31.7.2017
Thomas James William Wardle Preston Brook 27.10.2018
Malcolm Webb Preston Brook
William Harry Webb Preston Brook 31.7.2017
William Thomas Webb Preston Brook
George Whitlow Preston Brook 28.10.2017
Edward Eric Wilkinson Preston Brook 16.11.2018
Horace Wilkinson Keckwick 12.7.2016
David Withenshaw Newton by Daresbury  5.3.2017
Frank Withenshaw Newton by Daresbury  5.3.2017
Cecil Wood Moore 23.2.2017
Frank Woodier Preston Brook 19.8.2017
John Woodward Moore 5.12.2016
Peter Woodward Moore 5.12.2016
Harry  Woulds Keckwick 15.1.2017
Harold John Wright Preston Brook 19.8.2017
Louis John Wyatt Moore 18.12.2017
Samuel Yarwood Preston Brook 13.3.2017
Joseph Ashley Yates Preston Brook 13.3.2017