Daresbury District Heritage Group is now four years old!  Our initial aim was to find a way to celebrate the lives of the 16 men of the parish who died in WW1 and are commemorated on the War Memorial in the churchyard.  This grew into a major project to tell the stories of all those who went to war and also of the families and villages that they left behind.  We have had a Heritage Lottery Grant to help us in this work, for which we are very grateful.  This part of the project has now come to an end. What did we achieve?

  • We have researched and told the stories of nearly 250 soldiers and their families 
  • We have looked at life in the villages during WW1
  • We have published a book “Daresbury: The Story of a Parish in World War One’

But that’s not all!  We have become a very active group, interested in the whole history of the parish and our work is far from done.  We celebrated 100 years since the end of WW1 in November 2018 and the soldiers stories will continue to be updated on our website as new information comes to light.  We are fascinated by the buildings that have now disappeared, the chapels and churches and the pubs and publicans.  Look out for information about all of these during the course of the next 12 months.

We are interested in every aspect of the history of Daresbury, Moore, Preston Brook, Newton-by-Daresbury, Hatton, Keckwick and Sandymoor.

We have 1000 years of history to celebrate!

We share all our research with the local community through workshops, displays, talks and walks. If you have any stories to tell, we’d love to hear them.

Why don’t you come and join us?