WW2 Soldiers

These are the men and women from the parish of Daresbury who we know served in World War Two.  There may well be others. We have written the stories of those whose names appear in green. Click on the link to find out more.

We have used the women’s surnames as they were at the outbreak of war. If you think that we have made mistakes in any stories, omitted names, or included information that is sensitive please let us know.  If you would like any more information about them or have any information you would like to share with us, then please contact us.

Name Village Updated
Reginald Douglas Abbotts Moore  
Harold Antrobus Moore 14.11.2020
William H Antrobus Moore  
Elisha George Sydney Anthony Hatton 16.11.2020
Ernest Ball Moore  
Eric Basnett Sutton Weaver  
Ernest Harmer Beck Hatton 2.11.2023
Charles Beech Preston Brook  
William Davis Bettles Hatton 2.11.2023
Edward Bodell Moore  
William Boon Daresbury  
Annie Boyd Moore  
John Richard Bradbury Hatton 29.11.2020
May Bramwell Hatton 2.11.2023
James Brennan Moore  
Thomas Brennan Moore  
Thomas F Burgon Moore  
John Henry (Harry) Cartwright Moore  
Royston Henry Cartwright Moore  
Mrs R Chester Hatton 2.11.2023
James Edward Churchill Moore  
Arthur Clarke Moore  
Douglas G Clarke Preston Brook  
Herbert Clarke Preston Brook  
Lewis James Clarke Hatton 2.11.2023
Roy Clarke Preston Brook  
W A Sydney Clarke Preston Brook  
Cecil Cliffe Hatton 3.11.2020
Robert Culshaw Moore  
Robert Longton Darbyshire Hatton 29.11.2020
William Charles Neate Davies Hatton 27.11.2020
Arthur de Prez Moore 14.11.2020
Henry Pierre de Prez Moore 14.11.2020
Stanley de Prez Moore 14.11.2020
Stanley de Prez Preston Brook  
John Thomas Dobson Moore  
Thomas William Dobson Moore  
John Done Hatton 2.11.2023
Thomas Done Moore  
Fred Duncalf Moore  
Godfrey G Earp Preston Brook 2.11.2023
Richard L Earp Preston Brook 2.11.2023
Joseph Edwards Moore  
Eddie Price Evans Moore  
Norman J Farrington Preston Brook  
Frank Faulkener Preston Brook  
George Faulkner Preston Brook  
Jack Fleet Moore  
Geoffrey Fox Moore  
Neville Heathcote Frodsham Moore 6.7.2021
Fred Fryer Preston Brook  
Ernest Furby Moore  
John Goodall Preston Brook  
Brenda Irene Gough Moore 2.11.2023
Sheila Mary Gough Moore 10.11.2020
Albert Noel Green Hatton 16.11.2020
Ernest Green Preston Brook  
Herbert Green Hatton 2.11.2023
Thomas Stanley Green Hatton 2.11.2023
William Eric Hand Hatton 3.11.2020
John Hankey Moore  
George Harper Preston Brook  
Albert Frederick Harrison Hatton 27.11.2020
Alfred Raymond Harrison Hatton 27.11.2020
John Harrison Hatton 27.11.2020
Vincent Harrison Hatton 27.11.2020
Sydney James Hawkins Hatton 27.11.2020
Edward Heath Preston Brook  
James Arthur Heesom Daresbury  
Robert Hill Hatton 2.11.2023
Leonard Gilbert Holloway Hatton 29.11.2020
George Arthur Houghton Hatton 8.2.2024
R Imrie Preston Brook  
Eric Isherwood Hatton 2.11.2023
Frank Johnson Moore  
A Jones Hatton 2.11.2023
Clement Kelsall Moore  
Nehemiah Ernest Kelsall Moore  
Douglas Killingworth Moore  
Fred Kippax Daresbury 2.11.2023
Fred Lawrinson Preston Brook  
Alfred Lees Hatton 2.11.2023
Glen London Moore  
Amy Constance Longton Hatton 27.11.2020
Harry Mather Hatton 11.4.2021
Joshua Norman Meredith Hatton 27.11.2020
Wilfred Meredith Hatton 2.11.2023
Frank Merrell Hatton 27.11.2020
Winifred Millington Moore  
James Musgrave Moore  
Alan Oulton Moore  
John A Oulton Moore  
Albert Owen Daresbury  
Rita Norris Oulton Moore  
Edward Owen Daresbury  
Esme Owen Daresbury  
Nancy (Edith Annie) Owen Daresbury  
George Parry Moore  
Richard Philcock Daresbury  
Sydney Phillips Moore  
Ernest Robert Pierce Moore  
Stanley Platt Preston Brook  
Richard Harcourt Poulson Moore 3.11.2020
Kenneth Povey Hatton 29.11.2020
Sheila Protheroe Daresbury  
William LLoyd Protheroe Daresbury 3.11.2020
Rhoma Purkiss Moore  
Clifford Ramsbotham Moore  
John Ravenscroft Daresbury  
Jean Patricia Richardson Daresbury  
Olive Roper Moore  
Sydney Rudge Preston Brook  
A Rutter Hatton 2.11.2023
Donald Ryder Preston Brook  
John Ryder Daresbury  
David Rylands Moore  
Peter Rylands Moore  
Tom Sankey Daresbury  
George Sawford Preston Brook  
Peter Ben Sayce Daresbury  
John Sewall Preston Brook  
Gordon Norman Silk Moore  
Leonard Reginald Slee Hatton 15.2.2021
A Smith Hatton 2.11.2023
E Smith Hatton 2.11.2023
H Smith Hatton 2.11.2023
John Speed Preston Brook  
W Speed  Preston Brook  
George Spruce Preston Brook  
George Edward Stevens Daresbury  
Jack Taylor Moore  
Richard Taylor Moore  
William Taylor Moore  
Stanley Taylor Moore  
William Teece Moore  
Derek Timmins Moore  
S Turner Preston Brook  
John Daubeney Whitley Hatton 29.11.2020
George Wightman Daresbury  
Lily Wilkes Daresbury  
Sam Wilkes Daresbury  
Norman J Williams Preston Brook  
W Williams Preston Brook  
Charles Edward Wilson Daresbury