Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones was born on 8 January 1897. He had a twin brother, Luke. Their parents were John and Sarah Jones. John was also born in Preston-on-the-Hill in 1866 and worked as a Ship Canal Warehouseman. Sarah was born in Kingsley in 1870.

Thomas had an older brother, Leonard, born in 1895 and a sister, Dorothy, born 1900. The family lived on Canalside and were educated at Daresbury School.

Thomas was a horseman on a farm. He enlisted into the RFA, (service number 160746) on 14 February 1916, aged 19 years 1 month and later transferred to the York and Lancaster Regiment (possibly in September 1916). he went to the front on 7 January 1917 – at the same time as his twin.

Thomas was wounded in an explosion a short time later. he lost a toe from his left foot and his left hand. He was in First Easter Hospital, Cambridge.