Richard Earp

Born in 1912 to a family living at Norton Cottages at Preston Brook, Richard Llewellyn Earp attended the Boteler Grammar School in Warrington.

In 1928 he joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice.  In 1931 he passed out as an Aircraft Fitter and later applied for pilot training.  By early 1940 he was serving in 46 Squadron at RAF Digby in Lincolnshire.  He took part in the Battle of Britain as a Flight Sergeant.  Later he became an instructor at the Central Flying School at RAF Cranwell and by 1941 became a Warrant Officer.

He stayed on in the RAF after the war, serving in Basra, Iraq on three occasions.  He retired from the RAF in 1967 and later worked in banking.

He married Heather Beryl Rhodes from Wigan in 1945, who had been in the WAAF.  They had two children.

Richard Llewellyn Earp died in York in 1995.