Programme 2016-2017

Programme for 2016-2017

Further details of all these events will be posted in the ‘Events’ section of this website and also on our Facebook page.  Workshops are held at 7.30pm in the Lewis Carroll Centre, Daresbury Church.

Wednesday August 10 A walk – ‘Moore in WW1’
Friday September 9 A walk in Moore for Heritage Open Days – ‘3 canals and 3 railways’
Saturday September 10 Hatton Show – display of photographs – ‘Then and Now’ and ‘Parish Curiosities’
Sunday September 11 Walton Country Fayre – display as above
Wednesday September 21 Workshop – ‘What jobs did they do?’
Wednesday October 19 Workshop – WW1 and WW2 memories and stories
Sunday November 13 Remembrance Sunday display
Wednesday November 16 Workshop – Let’s Look at Railways!
Wednesday January 18 Workshop – What About the Canals?
Wednesday February 15 Workshop – Parsonage Children
Wednesday March 15 Workshop – How many Bridges?
Wednesday April 26 Workshop – Maps and censuses
Wednesday May 17 AGM