John Rowland Fleet

HS Braemar Castle

 Medical record

John was serving with the Expeditionary Force in Egypt. On 12.8.1916, he was admitted to Alexandria Hospital with mental health issues following a bout of malaria. Two days later, he was transferred to the hospital in Salonica. On 20.8.16, he boarded HS Braemar Castle and was sent to St David’s Hospital in Malta. This was a tented hospital, near the sea, with 1000 beds.

A fortnight later, on 7.9.16, John was sent back to the UK aboard HS Carisbrook Castle. The records say that he had dementia as a result of sunstroke/heatstroke and had complained of a headache and suffered a loss of consciousness. It is not clear whether this was related to the earlier bout of malaria. He was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Netley. Upon discharge, he was described as being reliable, a hard worker, intelligent and of a temperate nature.