Wilfred Mounfield

Wilfred was actually born John Wilfred Mounfield on 4 August 1894. He was the fourth of seven children born to George and Emily Mounfield of White House Farm. George had been born in Middlewich c1863 and Emily in Hatton c1869. Wilfred’s siblings were Trevor George born c1891, Kathleen Elizabeth born c1893, Evelyn Mary born c1894, Norman born c1901, Mabel born c1904 and Ronald Charles born c1910.

On 26 March 1906, Wilfred moved schools, from Dutton Council School to Daresbury school. In 1911, all of the older children were working on the farm.

We have no record of Wilfred’s military service other than that he was registered as an absent voter on military service in 1918.