Walter Abrams

Walter Abrams was born on 22nd September 1895 at Frodsham Bridge.  He was the third son of Robert Abrams (born Frodsham Bridge) and his wife Mary (nee Clare) who was born at Padgate near Warrington.  The father was employed as a labourer in the nearby boneworks belonging to Joseph Ashworth.

The Abrams family were living at Boneworks Cottages in 1901.  At that time they had five sons, 12-year old Peter, eight-year-old James, six-year-old Walter, three-year-old Alfred and one-year-old Robert.  A sister called Edna had died in 1896 at the age of five years.

By 1911 the family had moved to Cholmondeley Road in nearby village of Clifton.  Robert Abrams (senior) was working as a bone boiler.  Peter was now married and James had also left home to work at Sutton Hall in Sutton Weaver.  Ethel aged nine years and seven-year-old Elsie completed the family.

Walter enlisted in the 19th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers as a private with the service number 37311.  In October 1918 they were fighting in the Nord region of France.  Sadly, Walter was killed on 13th October and was buried along with 63 other soldiers in the Haspres Coppice Cemetery Haspres, Nord, France.  His name is also inscribed on the family gravestone at St Peter’s in Aston-by-Sutton.  His family home at that time was 2, Weaver View in Clifton.  

Walter’s brothers James and Alfred also served in the Great War and both sadly died in 1916 and mid-1918 respectively.  Peter Abrams had served for four years before the war in the Cheshire Regiment. 

Walter Abrams was 23 years old at the time of his death.