John London?

There are two men named London who appear on the Roll of Honour. Edward was one and the other is recorded as ‘I’ or ‘J’ London.

It seems that there was only one family with the name London living in Moore at the time of WW1 – George and Margaret Ann London. They had three sons of the right age to have served in the armed services, Edward, George William and John. We know a little of Edward’s story and can only assume that the other man on the Roll of Honour was his younger brother, John.

If this is indeed our soldier, he was born on 27 November 1899 and would not have begun his military service until almost the end of the war.

He returned to the area and married a lady called Ethel. In 1939, he was working as a railway signalman and the family lived on Knutsford Road, Grappenhall. John and Ethel had one daughter, Patricia.