John Enoch Stanley Millington

John was born on 25 December 1898 in Little Leigh. His parents were George William and Christina. George appears to have been brought up in Moore and by 1901 was farming at Rose Farm, where the family lived until sometime after 1911.

John worked for Gartons Ltd, Warrington (seed growers) before the war and was re-employed by them afterwards. He had various jobs, including driver, motor mechanic and assistant electrician.

Garton's Ltd, Warrington
Garton’s Ltd, Warrington

He enlisted in the Army Service Corps when he was 17yrs 11mths and gave his address as Meadow Bank, Moore Lane, Moore. He was a driver and his service record states that he was ‘good’ driver.

John was discharged in January 1920. Six years later, he married Mary Fisher. They had one son, William, born on 24 January 1928. In 1939, the family was living at Meadow Bank and John was a motor mechanic at Garton’s Ltd.

Meadow Bank
Meadow Bank

John died in 1970, aged 71 years.