James Hulse

There is no clear evidence as to which James Hulse this was, who was commemorated on Aston-by-Sutton War Memorial.

Levi and Joseph Hulse who were also commemorated on the memorial at Aston-by-Sutton, did have a brother James Reuben, but he died at the age of five years in 1896.

There were other Hulse families in Runcorn and Frodsham, but no connection has been found to them.

On the “Everyone Remembered” website, there is only one James Frederick Hulse who is recorded as having died in World War One. He was from Runcorn, but the family had moved away previously to Salford and had no known connection to Aston.

Should anyone have knowledge as to who this James Hulse was, please contact Daresbury District Heritage Group.