George Jones

George Jones was born on 13th April 1892 at Chester and baptised on 24th July of that year at St John’s Church in Chester.  He was the son of Thomas and Annie Jones.  Thomas was born at Panteg in Monmouthshire in 1870 and his wife Annie was born at Chester in 1869. George’s father was a platelayer on the railway.

The 1901 Census recorded the family as living at The Quay at Frodsham Bridge.  The couple had George J. who was nine years old, Thomas who was six years old, Annie who was two years old and one-month-old Edward.

Ten years later the family were living at Aston Arms Cottages at Frodsham Bridge.  Thomas senior was employed as a carter in a flour mill, as were his sons George and Thomas.  There was also a fifth child named Sally who was three years old.  Another child had died previously.

George enlisted to serve in the Great War on 27th March 1917 at the age of 25 years and five months.  He was married and was living at The Brow at Frodsham Bridge.  He was a carter by trade.  He was given the rank of Private and the service number 193623.  (He had had previous service numbers of 80385, 78306 and 736084).  He was assigned to the Infantry Labour Corps and later posted to the 1st Labour Battalion.  A few months later he transferred to the 421st Agricultural Company at Warrington.  He would eventually serve in France.  In the Spring of 1919 George appeared on the absent voters list for Aston-by-Sutton as living at Marsh Gate Cottages, Frodsham Bridge.  He was demobilised at Nottingham in March 1920.  At that time his address was given as Lowe’s Court, Cooper Street in Runcorn.

In the summer of 1916 George had married Ivy Elizabeth Antrobus at Runcorn Parish Church.  Ivy was born in Weston in 1895.  Her three brothers all served and sadly died in the Great War.  

A daughter named Ivy was born in February 1919 and they would have at least two more children, whose names are unknown as they are redacted on the 1939 Register.

By 1939 George and Ivy and their three children were living on Marsh Lane in Astmoor.  George was working as a furnace man in chemical processing.  Ivy junior was employed as a farm worker. George’s parents were living at Brown Cow Cottages on Chester Road in Sutton Weaver.

George Jones passed away in 1976, two years before his wife Ivy.