Frank Sanderson

Frank Sanderson was born on 19 May 1894, in Moore. His parents were Henry, a gardener, and Sarah Ann. He had a sister, Ethel b1888 and another Annie b1890. The family lived in a cottage on Moss Lane, Moore.

By 1911, Frank was an apprentice clerk and still lived with his parents.

He enlisted into the Household Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, service number 1549, on 19 February 1916. He was taller than average, at 5’11” and weighed 11 stones. The battalion served on the Western front, arriving in France towards the end of the Battle of the Somme and then fighting battles in Arras, Ypres and Cambrai.

On 17 December 1917, Frank had an accident. He had been ordered to change his position from one fire step to another. As he put his rifle down in the trench, his foot slipped in the snow and he fell on his fixed bayonet, suffering a slight wound to his right buttock. No one was to blame.

He transferred to the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, service number 322866, on 20 May 1918. After a medical at Honfleur the following month, he was found to have ‘hammer toes’.

In March 1919, Frank was posted to the British Mission with Marshal Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces, where he was an orderly. For some reason, he was given 6 Francs a day in lieu of rations. He remained there until he was demobbed on 21 October 1919.

After the war, Frank returned home and married Sarah Plumpton in 1920. In 1939, the couple were living at 33 Fluin Lane, Frodsham and Frank was a commercial traveller (flour miller). They had no children.