Driver John Hicks

John Hicks was born in Moore in 1872. His parents were George (a coachman) and Mary. The family lived in Lawton’s Cottages. John had four siblings – Eliza b1870, Maria b1872, George b1876 and Mary E b1878.

In 1891, John was a groom at The Oaklands, Newton-by-Daresbury, living in the saddle room with two others.

The Oaklands

This background will have encouraged him to enlist in the 3rd Reserve Horsed Transport Company, based at Woolwich. He was a driver. The British Army relied largely on horse power for the transportation of supplies, guns, ammunition and men. The companies filled a variety of administrative, recruitment, induction, training and re-supply roles.

After the war, John returned to the area, but he never married. In 1939, he was living with his brother, George and Martha Millington, at 3 Chapel Lane, Stockton Heath. He was a coachman.