B Hall

The name B Hall appears on the Daresbury Roll of Honour. The Warrington Guardian listed the names of men who were on active service on 20 February 1915. B Hall (of Moore) appears on this list, serving with the South Lancashire regiment.

Other than this, we cannot establish who he was. The 1914 voters’ list records a John Hall at the Red Lion, Moore. His name appears along with his wife, Nora, in the lists for 1919 and 1920, still at The Red Lion. They may have been B Hall’s parents,

There are no ‘Halls’ recorded in Moore in the 1911 census, nor on the 1939 register. I have been unable to find the marriage record of John and Nora, nor any conclusive record of a B Hall being born to John and Nora.

Another complication is that burials are recorded in Daresbury for John (d1921) and Dora (d1937).  They were married in 1902 – this would mean that any children of the marriage were too young to have served in WW1.

Were Nora and Dora the same woman?

Other ‘Halls’ had settled in the parish – one family at Commonside Farm, Daresbury and another at Holly Hedge Farm, Grange Green.  Some were buried at Daresbury.  None appears to have a link with B Hall.

The Imperial War Museum website shows two soldiers who served with the South Lancashire regiment, who may or may not be our B Hall. One was Benjamin Hall and the other Bertie W Hall. There are no records to link either with Moore.

So, B Hall remains an enigma.