Albert Edward Potts

Albert was born in mid 1898 in Preston Brook and was one of three children born to Albert and Hannah Potts at Cotton’s Bridge. His elder brother, Tom, was born c1891 and his sister Mary c1895. His father worked as a porter for one of the canal companies and the family lived with Hannah’s parents, James and Eliza West. James died in 1892.

Eliza died in 1904, Mary left the family home and Edward Bassnett was lodging with the family at Cotton’s Bridge in 1911. Albert (senior) was a clerk in the provider department, Tom a porter, Edward a horse driver and Albert (junior) was still at school.

We know nothing of his military service, apart from him being registered as an absent voter in 1918. We also know that he was a member of an Ex- Servicemen’s club in 1936.

Albert died in March 1967, aged 68 years.