Daresbury Troop of Boy Scouts

In November 1914, the Warrington Guardian reported on the formation of the new troop of boy scouts.

Many local supporters, parents and friends gathered in the schoolroom as the boys made the promise to their scoutmaster, Rev. W. S. Adams, “To do my duty to God and King, to help other people at all times and to obey the Scout Law.” They were then presented with a hat, staff and shoulder knot by the assistant scoutmasters, Mr R. Earp, and Mr G. Urmison. The Secretary of the Warrington Association then addressed them, urging them to take their duties seriously, followed by their chaplain, Rev. T. T. Lee Jones, who praised their smart appearance and evident enthusiasm.

Then it was time for everyone to march through the village, behind Crossfield’s band, to the Rifle Range pavilion, where the troop would have its headquarters. Here, tea was served, and ‘various amusements’ enjoyed for the rest of the afternoon. The day ended with the singing of the national anthem.

It was also reported that the troop were grateful to Mr and Mrs E. Ridgway, of Daresbury Lodge, who had given permission for them to use their grounds for outdoor work, and they thanked all their supporters. They hoped to be especially useful when the ‘Oaklands’ opened as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

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