Coronation of King Edward VII

Celebrations for the Coronation of King Edward VII (Extract from the report in the Parish magazine)


Oak Tree planted to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII

This oak tree near the gate to All Saints church was planted by Mary Milner of Moore House on 12th July 1902, to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, as part of the parish celebrations. She said, “I shall long look back upon this as a very happy day, and I hope the tree may grow and flourish and be an ornament to our beautiful churchyard.”

It was reported that the weather was fine and Daresbury village was decorated with many flags and bunting as the procession set out from the school, with the Walton Band at its head. The King, Herbert Leach of Hatton, and Queen, Nellie Warburton of Daresbury, had been elected by their school fellows, and they rode, with their attendants, on a decorated lorry, followed by the schoolchildren, many dressed as nursery rhyme characters, little soldiers and maypole dancers. Decorated prams, bikes and even donkeys were all part of the parade.

As they reached the church the procession stopped for the tree planting ceremony, and to sing ‘God Save the King’ before setting off for the field at the back of Mr Darlington’s house at Hall Lane Farm, where the entertainment and races were to take place. The tea tent was set up in the stack yard.
Miss Milner then carried out the crowning ceremony, and the children performed Maypole, and other dances in costume. 407 children then sat down to tea, followed by an even greater number of adults!

The sports which took place included horse racing, catching the greasy pig, and pillow smiting, as well as running and bicycle races, hurdles and tug of war. There were prizes for the winners, and for the best decorated mail cart, bicycle and donkey, and the best bouquet of wild flowers.
After the sports, came more dancing, and rides on a merry-go-round and ‘aerial flight’, and the evening ended with a large bonfire and firework display.

There are many familiar names included in the report.

Attendants and Maids of Honour to the king and queen were Nellie de Prez, F. Furnival, A. Sanderson, A. Houghton, May Wilkinson, Eva Forster, Annie Royle and Nellie Fowles. Train bearers were Nellie Garnett and Gladys Whitlow. Crown bearer was Robert Priestner. Sceptre Bearer was John Royle. Gentlemen of Honour were H. and J. Cartwright, F. and J. Ryder, A. Houghton, W. Taylor, A. Lockett and S. Basnett.

Winners in the sports were:
200 yards (boys 14-16): 1st George Royle; 2nd S. Leach; 3rd E. Endersby.
Measuring Competition: 1st Mr Hamblett; 2nd Mr Garlick.
100 yards Handicap: 1st S. Wright; 2nd S. Whitlow; 3rd T. Tickle.
80 yards Handicap (Men over 40): 1st James Jolley; 2nd S. Parsons; 3rd T. Speed.
Bicycle Race (for Ladies): 1st Miss Whitlow; 2nd Mrs Booth.
High Jump: 1st George Edwards; 2nd W. Leach.
Bicycle Race (for men): 1st J. Johnson; 2nd J. Ball.
Quarter Mile Handicap: 1st S. Whitlow; 2nd T. Tickle.
Putting the Weight, (16lb from 7 foot square): 1st T. Closset; 2nd H. Tickle.
Long Jump: 1st S. Whitlow; 2nd C. Ryder.
Half Mile Handicap: 1st G. Royle; 2nd S. Whitlow; 3rd T. Tickle.
Pillow Smiting: 1st T. Tickle; 2nd C. Ryder.
Sack Race: 1st George Leach
Catching the Greasy Pig, (for Ladies): Miss Smith (of Hatton)
120 yards Hurdle Race: 1st W. Leach; 2nd S. Whitlow; 3rd G. Leach.
Tug of War: Won by Preston Brook and Moore team.

Best decorated mail cart: 1st Mrs Kitchenman; 2nd Mrs Broome; 3rd Mrs Parsons.
Best decorated donkey and attendant: 1st T. Warburton; 2nd J. White, attendant A. de Prez; 3rd B. Whitlow.
Best tableaux: 1st J. Houghton; 2nd Emily Broome; 3rd R. Forster; special, N. Forster.
Best decorated bicycle: 1st Charles Foulkes; 2nd George Wright; 3rd Miss Hayward.
Bouquet of wild flowers: 1st W. Cartwright; 2nd Louisa Kitchenman; 3rd Alice Dean; specials, F. Eustance and N. Eustance.

The fireworks display was by Mr Parkinson of Warrington; catering by Mr Percival of Northwich; transport for young children by Mr J. L. Jones, Mr R. Warburton and Mr P. Tickle.

Other names and roles mentioned in the report: Mr Houghton of Newton Bank, bonfire building; teachers of the school and other ladies, Mrs H. Woods, Miss Groome, Mrs and Miss G. Sloane, Mrs Bleckly, Mrs T. J. Weir, Mrs Wright, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Houghton, Mrs E. de Prez, Mrs Hamblett, Miss Darlington, children’s dancing and displays; Mr Dunbabin of Moore, loan of lorry for king and queen and attendants; Mr A. E. Lees and Mr C. H. Tinsley, judges; Hugh Tinsley, race starter; Mrs A. E. Lees, Mr Walter Jones, Rev. E. B. May and Mssrs. Tinsley, silver cups. The Vicar’ (Rev F. Clifton-Smith), Chair; J. Wright, Hon Secretary; and C. W. Phillips, Hon Treasurer, Fete Committee.