Leonard Gilbert Holloway

Leonard Gilbert Holloway was born in 1906, whilst the family were living in the Fairfield district of Warrington.  He was the son of Alfred and Alice Holloway (nee Hargreaves).  Alfred had been born in Warrington and Alice in Halton village, Runcorn.  Alfred was employed as an electrician working on telephones.

At some time in the next few years the family moved to Salford, as the census of 1911 recorded the family as living in Weaste, part of Salford.

Leonard married Florence Brimelow in 1936 at Warrington.  Florence had been born at Southworth-with-Croft, into a farming family.

At the time of the outbreak of WW2, Leonard was working as a bricklayer and general foreman.  The 1939 Register showed the couple living on Hatton Lane in Hatton.

Leonard joined the Hatton Auxiliary Fire Service during WW2.  This consisted of eight volunteers from local villages who could supplement the work of the local fire brigade if needed.  Later in the war he went on war service.  He was recorded on the Service Register part of the Electoral roll for Hatton for 1945-48 as being absent from home on war service.

After the war Leonard spent some time in Egypt where he was a government civil servant and also in Kenya in the same role.  When living back in England the couple resided in the Orford district of Warrington.

Leonard’s parents passed away in 1955 (Alfred) and 1960 (Alice).

Leonard Gilbert Holloway passed away in 1983 at Freckleton on the Fylde coast in Lancashire, his wife Florence having predeceased him in 1967.  He was 76 years of age.