John Richard Bradbury

John Richard Bradbury (sometimes referred to as Richard John), was born in 1919 at Colchester in Essex.  He was the son of Richard and Linda Harriett (Henrietta) Bradbury (nee Wearn) who were from the south-east of England.  Henrietta was from an army family and Richard was a soldier.  They also would have a daughter born in 1925.

By 1939 John Richard’s parents had moved to Goose Lane in Hatton, to a house near the Hatton Arms.  The father was employed as a chauffeur/valet.  However, their son and daughter were not living with them.  It is not known where John Richard was residing at this time, but it is likely that he had already joined up.

John Richard was in the Royal Navy during WW2.  He became a sub-lieutenant in September 1940 and appeared on the Navy List in July and October 1941 when he was promoted to Lieutenant.  From 23rd August 1943 until 17th November 1943 he was the captain on HMS Duff (K352), which was a frigate.  It was originally a U.S. ship, which transferred to the UK.  It carried out patrol and escort duties. 

In July 1949 John Richard was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  He was based at RN Air Station at Stretton, commonly known as HMS Blackcap.  He oversaw public relations and was the First Lieutenant.  He was there for 2 ½ years before taking up an Admiralty post in July 1957, transferring to the Intelligence Division of the Admiralty.  

At some time in the next few years he became a schoolteacher, but it is not known where.  He never married.

 John Richard’s father and mother passed away in 1962 and 1969 respectively.

John Richard Bradbury passed away in 1991 aged 71 years.