Albert Noel Green

Albert Noel Green was born in 1910 at Hatton, the fifth son of Albert and Harriett Green (nee Maddock).  The father and mother were both from Daresbury parish.  He was also their fifth child, but the other four children (Wilfred, Harold James, George, and William Thomas) had sadly died as babies or infants in the first decade of the century since the couple had married in 1902.  Albert senior was a waggoner on a farm.

In 1913 the couple had another boy called Herbert, but this was to be their last child as sadly Albert senior died in 1914 at the age of 36 years, leaving Harriett with two young children.  Harriett’s extended family also lived in Hatton so would have been a support to her and the two young boys.

When war broke out in 1939, the Green family were living in Goose Lane in Hatton and Albert Noel was employed as a horseman on a farm.  He was unmarried at the time.  Herbert was working as a farm labourer.  

Records show that Albert Noel attested with the Royal Artillery, but then joined the Pioneer Corps in February 1943.  However, there is also a record for him joining the RAF in 1939/1940 as a Class F reservist, enlisting at Padgate near Warrington.

In 1942 he married Alice Merrill, sister of fellow Hatton serviceman Frank Merrill.  Alice was born at Stockton Heath and in 1939 was employed as an electric wire coil winder.  Albert Noel and Alice had one child during the war and at least three other children post-war.  When Albert Noel had to return to war service Alice went to live with her mother-in-law in Goose Lane in Hatton, as Harriett’s son Herbert was also on war service.

Harriett sadly died in 1944 at the age of 65 years.

Albert Noel Green passed away in late 1976 aged 65 years.  His widow Alice died in 2010 in Stockton Heath at the age of 90 years.