We love a puzzle!

We love having a puzzle to solve.  This one is only partly solved….as yet! 

We know of three paintings of the parish by an artist called TF Colston.  As yet, we are not sure who he was, but possibly, Thomas Francis Colston, born in Aston, Birmingham and a coach painter.


This is a mural that he painted on the chimney breast of a house in Moore.


This is a painting of Daresbury Church which was advertised on the internet and subsequently sold.  It had been in a house called ‘Daresbury’ in Church Crookham, Hampshire.  What was the link with our Daresbury?  We don’t know where it is now.


This painting hangs in the vestry of Daresbury Church but is not on public view.  This reproduction can be seen in the Lewis Carroll Centre.  It says it was painted by TF Colston , Moor in 1847.

But who was he?  Why was he in Moore? Why did he adopt this primitive style of painting? Are there any more of his paintings here in the parish?

If you can help in any way, PLEASE get in touch by emailing chair@ddhg.org.uk